Coming Episodes – Small Business Roundtable

Small Business Mentors
Show Date : Upcoming

Finding a mentor is often mentioned as a critical small business success factor. Our guests will provide invaluable insight into how to find your ideal mentor.

Building a Board of Directors / Advisors
Show Date : Upcoming

When should you do this and who should your recruit to your board. Our CEO guests will give their best practices.

Knowing When You’re Ready to Start the Business or Go Full-Time
Show Date : Upcoming

How do you know when your ready to go full time and leave your full time job?

Technology and Your Small Business
Show Date : Upcoming

We will explore on-line meetings such as Webex and Goto Meeting, Wireless Internet, Cloud computing and many more technologies to make your business more efficient.

Franchise Opportunities
Show Date : Upcoming

We will profile franchise experts.

Business Plans
Show Date : Upcoming

You need a solid business plan to launch and raise capital, but there are so many software, on-line and other resources to evaluate or how about just writing one. We will profile leading small business owners and learn their best practices for business planning.

Raising Capital
Show Date : Upcoming

What are your options and most logical avenues for your business. We will interview leading angel, venture capital, banks and other small business financing sources.

Internet Marketing
Show Date : Upcoming

Web marketing is a vital part of most every small business. We will interview web marketing experts on how to most effectively build a web presence and assure that prospective customers are finding you on the web.

Small Business Best Practices
Show Date : Upcoming

We will interview our nations most successful entrepreneurs and discover their critical success factors and also the pitfalls to avoid.

So I Have a Great Idea – What Next?
Show Date : Upcoming

So many folks have great small business ideas, but get stuck on how to move forward with the business case. We will profile leading entrepreneurs on how to determine if your business idea has legs and we will present a few of our viewers ideas to our experts.

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