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Smart Phones
What are they and do you really need one? What are the best devices and which networks offer the most reliable service.

eReaders (Amazon Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony, etc)
eBooks and impact of books, papers and magazines moving on-line. Could hard copy papers, books and magazines become obsolete? Which of these eReaders offer the best value and what are the best portals for downloading eMedia?

Social Networks – Facebook and Linked In
Why should you set up an account, what about privacy issues and what are the best social networks.

Internet TV, Streaming Video and Video on Demand
Is TV moving to the Internet as has been predicted for years. We will look at the explosion of Hulu, Netflix and IPTV services like AT&T Uverse, Verizon Fios and the cable IPTV offers.

Wireless Internet, 3G / 4G, Satellite
What’s the difference between 3G and 4G, impacts, players and trends.

Skype and Voice over Internet Phone service
Do you need to be using these and who are the best providers?

Being Connected has actually resulted in the world becoming very Disconnected
Everywhere you go folks are glued to their cellphones, iPhones, laptops, etc and people are no longer talking to people – creating an ADD society. What does this mean – we will talk to experts from the technology side and psychologists to learn the potential negative social and interpersonal impacts.

Broadband Internet Service
What is broadband and do we really need all the speeds advertised. We will explore Fiber to the home, DSL and Satellite.

Data Back-Up
This is becoming a huge business and very important concern to back up all the data on our cell phones, laptops and other devices. We are being bombarded with offers from mobile phone providers, MOZY, Carbonite, Mobile Me and many others. What are the best values?

Wireless World
Is it possible to go to a total wireless world for our communications – T.V., Internet, phones, etc. The CEO of Verizon suggested that 4G wireless connectivity could replace home internet service as the cell phone has replaced home phones.

On-Line Music
We will explore the devices – IPods, MP3, etc and the various services – Pandora and others.

Warranty Protection Plans
Warranty protection plans for computers, phones, etc sold by Best Buy and others. Some of these plans costs 10% – 20% of the device purchase price and we will provide insight to if these make sense.

GPS Navigation Devices and Other Online Mapping Services
Which of these services are the most reliable and do these services truly provide accurate directions? What are the impacts of relying on GPS for getting around?

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