Richard Hardin creator of the Flight Hub – transforming the Aviation Industry

Richard Hardin, founder of Cumberland Signal is our featured entrepreneur on SBR this week.

Cumberland Signal is a Chattanooga, TN based company that seeks to transform the aviation community by introducing the industry’s first avionics backplane switching module, Flight Hub.

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Today, when an airplane goes in for a re-fit of its instrumentation, weeks of planning, re-wiring, tests, and re-work take place.

Born out of frustration, Flight Hub  condenses weeks of labor, eliminate thousands of brittle in-line connections, and simplifies the physical installation process. When a plane comes into a shop for a major retrofit, instead of re-crimping hundreds of tiny, brittle old wires, the old wiring is removed and pre-assembled wiring harnesses are put in their place. The result is a tidy panel, rock solid connections, component redundancy, and a level of reliability that’s never been seen before in the space. The customer is happy with the cost savings/ turn-around time, and the installer is happy with the elimination of re-work that robs shops of their profitability.

I look forward to our show with Richard Hardin and learning more about his business plan to go after a $3 billion market.  We will learn how he came up with this idea and his team to execute this plan.

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Here is an illustration of the Flight Hub:

Please Click the Player below to hear our interview with Richard Harden of Cumberland Associates.

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