Chattanooga Start-Ups Let’s Get Foodie and Redemption Shirts

I am excited to visit with two Chattanooga based start-ups, Let’s Get Foodie and Redemption Shirts. Let’s Get Foodie was recently founded by Matt Baxter, Holly Klassen & Chanté D. Newcomb, all having a passion for food and recognizing an opportunity for a high quality restaurant review site covering Chattanooga, TN.

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We will learn Why they started Let’s Get Foodie and the Value they bring to customers.  They will also share their biggest mistakes and vision for Success.  The founders of Let’s Get Foodie have an intriguing combination of skills including writing, photography, social media, business and they all LOVE food.

Redemption Shirts is a Chattanooga based T-Shirt company founded by Jason Collier that exists to join with people and organizations in meeting the needs of those hurting in our communities around the world. We will hear Jason’s story, Why he is doing this and vision for success.

Jason Collier – This green-eyed, bald headed dreamer and creative, when not wondering about cities admiring architecture and art, specializes in developing and consulting meaningful projects and businesses that impact the world and people for good. “Life only comes once,” says Jason, “you might as well live fully, pursue your dreams, and help others do the same.” Redemption Shirts is the first of Jason’s developments toward this passion.

Jason’s heart for Redemption Shirts is to provide exceptional custom screen printed shirt products for meaningful purposes. Redemption works hand in hand with non-profits and church organizations helping to fulfill their mission while offering them premium custom printed products.

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