Cliff Ravenscraft of the Podcast Answerman & – Do what you Love and the money will follow

My guest is Cliff Ravenscraft of the Podcast Answerman and GSPN.  Cliff has experienced success as an entrepreneur podcaster and he will share his story and tips on how you can use podcasting to grow your business. Cliff and his wife Stephanie have produced over 2,000 episodes for 20 different shows for a large global audience.

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Cliff will share his belief that if you do what you love and follow your passion, the money will come.  This fits well with our philosophy that great entrepreneurs are driven by the Why.

Cliff and his wife Stephanie started podcasting about their favorite T.V. show, Lost. Prior to podcasting, Cliff had been a successful independent insurance agent licensed to sell property, casualty, life, and health insurance. He was employed in a family run insurance agency that had been in his family since 1937 and he was next in line to take over the business. While he had achieved much success in this career, he never felt fulfilled.

Cliff made a great deal of money in the insurance business, but he was not enjoying the business and believed that he would eventually go into ministry. He later read Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work You Love and began listening to Dan’s Podcast.

During this time he remembers hearing the phrase, “find something that you love so much that you would be willing to do it all day for free, then become so great at it that one day people would be willing to pay you to do it”.  That’s exactly what Cliff did.

In January of 2008, Cliff left his 11 year career as an insurance agent to pursue his passion of Podcasting full time.  It was during this time that he learned to live by Faith facing many trials and questioning his passion.  Cliff persevered and today makes a good living as full time podcaster and new media coach.

I look forward to getting advice from Cliff on podcasting for Small Business Roundtable as I have so much to learn.  We will also discuss how to succeed when everyone in the media business and how do you get noticed with all the white noise?

This is must show for anyone wanting to pursue their passions as an entrepreneur, but needs insight and encouragement from someone that has done it.

Thanks for listening to John Martin’s Small Business Roundtable – Your Source for Entrepreneur Success.

John H. Martin

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