Hire People Smarter than You

Having interviewed over 100 global entrepreneurs, people often ask what is the most common attribute for success. The answer – hire people smarter than you.  Don’t be afraid to hire people that are smarter than you and empower them to do their job.

Great companies are built by teams, not individuals.  Leaders build great teams by recruiting outstanding talent with complimentary skills and they are secure about hiring the best people.

Many entrepreneurs get caught up in the value of their idea and fail to recognize the greatest truth – it’s not about the idea, but your ability to Execute the Idea. Successful execution results from developing the right team, having a strong plan, hard work, empowering leaders, staying in a positive mindset and usually a bit of luck.

Here are some common characteristics of insecurity:

  1. When another persons success secretly bothers you.
  2. Anyone who challenges your thoughts – seems disloyal.
  3. Purposely bid one against another – undermine relationships.
  4. Chase away high capacity leaders.
  5. Micromanage out of distrust and control.
  6. See people that work for you – not with you.

Do you struggle with any of these?

The key to being a great leader is hiring people smarter than you and letting them do their job. Focus on building a company where employees love coming to work and customers love doing business with you.

John Martin is the host of Small Business Roundtable, a global internet talk show helping entrepreneurs learn, grow and succeed.

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