How do Small Businesses become Suppliers to the Fortune 500?

My guest is Dan Gallo with the Supplier Connection and you will be learning how to access a FREE web portal connecting you to supplier business opportunities with large corporations. Our 2nd segment will feature Robert Staub of the TN Grow Your Business Tour.

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Small Businesses are the engine for creating  jobs and economic growth in the U.S. economy and a consortium of large enterprises have joined forces creating the Supplier Connection.

Companies such as IBM, AT&T, UPS, Pfizer and Citi have joined the Supplier Connection in an effort to drive more supplier business to small companies. Currently, the members of Supplier Connection purchase more than $150 billion in goods and services annually through their global supply chains.

You will learn all the KEY facts about the Supplier Connection and you can ask questions by calling our show line at 213-559-8022 or ask your question on Twitter using #SBRTALK .

Our 2nd half segment features Robert Staub of the TN Grow Your Business Tour. The “Grow Your Business Tour” is a fast-paced 90 minute workshop that will help the business owner with their direction, identity, marketing and benchmarks so they will have more confidence, more prospects, more referrals and a path and a plan for more business.

Robert Staub is a Small Business Coach, Advocate and Speaker and he will be presenting this workshop in 13 cities across TN over August / September. Robert serves on the Advisory Board for the TSBDC. He also recently served on the U.S. Small Business Administration National Advisory Board in Washington.

Dan Gallo has 25+ years running small businesses serving the Fortune 1000, he conceived and launched Mentor®, the first EPSS software application which ultimately served over 50 million users in the B2B and B2C markets, worked as a Communications Consultant for C-level management teams on over 100 IPO’s & Debt Offerings, and produced/wrote/designed/directed major corporate events, national sales meetings and annual shareholder meetings.

During his career he has led four successful start-up and expansion capital campaigns, and eight acquisitions, mergers and business unit sales.

He sold his last business, Mentor Communications Group, in 2004 and started the consulting firm The Allasso Group in April 2006. His primary focus is Business Development & Sales Strategy, Marketing Communications and Social Media program design and deployment.

He can also be found at where he is contracted as the Social Media Director and Small Business Advocate for this major US-based jobs creation and Corporate Citizenship initiative.

Thanks for listening to John Martin’s Small Business Roundtable – Your Source for Entrepreneur Success.

John H. Martin

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