Interview with Shawna Simpson of Diner Connection

Today we are talking about mobile applications that can make our lives easier. I have spent many years in the business of mobility and connectivity and there is no doubt that that everything in our lives is going mobile.

I am always interested in entrepreneurs that go find a need in the market and create a solution to that need and many have been doing this in the mobility space with tens of thousands of mobile applications being created for iPhones and other devices.

Today we will be discussing a text message application for the restaurant industry that makes our lives more productive.  I still have some reservations about text marketing as consumers may start to grow cautious of opting into text for fear of their text boxes becoming full of Junk.

One of the reasons so many folks read all their text messages today is because they are mostly getting texts that are relevant that they want to read.

I am a big believer in mobile media marketing as it allows for highly targeted ads based on user location and other data that can help consumers become more efficient. The big question is will consumers become cautious about giving out their mobile numbers as they worry about their text boxes becoming full of spam.

I think consumers will opt in for many of these mobile services as long as they can be assured their number will not be sold and they have an easy way to opt out.  We also need mobile media privacy policies, which we don’t have today, but I continue to read that our government is getting close to rolling these polices out.

Overall, I see the Mobile Media Space as one of the Strongest sectors for Entrepreneurs to Succeed over the next many years and I am excited to have Shawna Simpson of Diner Connection as our guest today.  I met Shawna last month at the Start-Up Riot Conference in Atlanta and having spent a good part of my career in  the mobility / connectivity business, I was curious to check out her idea.

As we often preach on SBR – go find a market need and go get some customers and  Diner Connection is doing just that and I am excited to have Shawna on today to hear about what Diner Connection is doing in the Mobile Media Space.

Please listen to our program below and please provide us your feedback on this blog.

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