Navin Ganeshan of Network Solutions – Everything is Going Mobile – Video & Radio Interview

I have said many times on SBR that EVERYTHING is going Mobile and this trend is accelerating with 4G connectivity rolling out across the U.S.

My guest is Navin Ganeshan, Chief Product Strategist for Network Solutions Inc. and we will be discussing the importance of having a mobile web presence and being discovered on mobile devices.

Find the Radio & Video Interview at the End of this Post.

The future of the web is mobile and customers want to find you on mobile devices so its vital that your web presence be optimized for mobility.

This is a MUST show for any Business Owner looking to get ahead of the curve with your mobile marketing plan.

My guest, Navin Ganeshan of Network Solutions is a highly recognized expert on mobile media shares his perspective on the latest technology trends effecting Small Business.

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Navin has endured the joys and pain of founding technology startups, relished the thrill of taking new products to market and honed a deep appreciation for analytics while leading business intelligence at Network Solutions. Most recently, he ran NetSol’s Web-Presence business which included web- hosting, ecommerce and security product-lines.

In his current role, he is shaping NetSol’s strategies for local/social marketing, Cloud/SaaS, social commerce and most importantly for mobile presence, marketing and commerce. He regularly represents Network Solutions and its massive small business customer-base at industry events, most recently speaking about Mobile Marketing for Small Business at BlogWorld New York, Crowd-Sourced-Innovation at SalesForce’s Dreamforce and SaaS strategies at the OpenXChange Summit.

He recently hosted ProductCampDC – an “unconference” for product-marketers. He is a recovering gadget-head but still frequently sports the iTrifecta – (MacBook+iPad+iPhone). He is bullish on Facebook but bearish on twitter.

Thanks for listening to John Martin’s Small Business Roundtable – Your Source for Entrepreneur Success.

John H. Martin

Here is my Video Interview with Navin Ganeshan of Network Solutions:

Here is my Radio Interview with Navin Ganeshan:

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