Our Focus – Staying in the Right Mindset to Succeed

SBR’s focus is helping entrepreneurs Stay in the Right Mindset to Succeed.  

Our audience faces many challenges, negative thoughts and daily mental attacks. Our community includes real estate agents, financial advisors, direct sales entrepreneurs, Internet professionals and many types of small business owners facing challenges on their path to success.

Our mission is to build a community of business folks believing in God’s plan for purpose, prosperity and success in their life.  My guests share stories of trials, failures and successes inspiring our audience to conquer the week and start the next week on top.

We want to start everyone’s week in the right mindset with positive words of success.

SBR is moving our showtime to Mondays at 1PM EASTERN for the LIVE show and you can listen to the podcast archive anytime.  I encourage you to listen to the live show and share your comments.

The live show can be listened to via Internet on BlogTalkRadio or calling the show line at 213-559-8022.  Listen to the archived podcasts anytime, anywhere, any device on BlogTalkRadio.

Our goal is to help you be the best entrepreneur, sales person or business person God has made you to be. I promise these shows will have a positive impact on your life and I hope you become part of our community. Please post your comments.

John Martin – Host of SBR

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