– Turning the Jewelry World Upside Down

The jewelry business is a perfect target for disruptive technologies with mark-ups of 5 to 30 times. My guest is Hong Kong entrepreneur, Joanne Ooi CEO of Below: has a patent pending sales process, whereby they don’t produce a single item until enough customers want to buy it and then the price drops with sales volume.  This model allows buyers to obtain prices 50 – 90% less than traditional retailers.

Joanne Ooi will share how they developed this idea, why they are doing this, how they plan to get customers and vision for success. Joanne will also share best practices for building a brand and CEO leadership tips.

Joanne was born in Singapore, grew up in Cincinnati, OH and is currently based in Hong Kong.  Joanne is our first of several interviews with Hong Kong entrepreneurs as Small Business Roundtable will broadcast LIVE from Hong Kong in mid March.  Sign up for our email list to make sure you don’t miss a show.

Prior to Plukka, Ooi was the CEO of Clean Air Network (CAN), an environmental NGO based in Hong Kong that focuses on air pollution and public health. Before CAN, Ooi was the Creative Director of Shanghai Tang and largely credited with the turnaround of the Chinese luxury brand owned by the Richemont Group.

Termed the “Gucci Killer” by Fast Company and a “radical retailer”  by Time, Ooi helped Shanghai Tang become noticed and popular by closely studying Chinese culture and heritage and incorporating those references into Shanghai Tang’s product collections and advertising.

Joanne has a B.A. from Columbia University and a Law Degree from The University of Pennsylvania.  She brings a fascinating mix of experience, cultures and knowledge to share on Small Business Roundtable.

Please ask us questions on Twitter at #SBRTALK and follow me at @JohnMartinSBR. You can follow Joanne’s Diary of an Internet Start-Up CEO at or Twitter @JoanneOoi.

Thanks for listening to SBR – The Entrepreneurs source to learn, grow and succeed.

John Martin – Host of SBR

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