Southtree’s Adam Boeselager and Nick Macco

Adam Boeselager and Nick Macco Co-Founders of Southtree are my guests on Small Business Roundtable.

Adam and Nick did what entrepreneurs should do – they discovered a need in the market and developed a business that solves the problem. In 2001, birthed from the realization that those priceless recorded moments from childhood were quickly fading and with requests pouring in from family and friends, a process and system was born.

From a simple commitment to deliver the best digitization quality, Southtree has evolved from a video transfer house to a full service media company. They have continued to lead the industry with their order tracking system and exclusive editable DataDVD to advanced film, photo and slide digitizing.

Today, Southtree is serving customers all over the world and converting thousands of home videos and slides every week.

You will learn KEY Success Factors from Adam and Nick and how they have adapted to competition and change over ten years in business. Most importantly you will learn their biggest mistakes to avoid. Adam and Nick will also share their growth vision for Southtree on John Martin’s Small Business Roundtable.

Adam Boeselager  began his entrepreneurial career at a young age. At 17 he started a website, purchased a toll-free number and answered phone calls in his bedroom from customers across the country. Adam believes you don’t always need to have a perfected business plan or massive funding – start with what you have and build upon it. Real experience is gained when you are out in the market place, fulfilling orders and learning as you grow your business.  Prior to college Adam produced and directed a weekly television show that was broadcast throughout Northeastern Wisconsin.    Adam attended Lee University, graduating cum laude with a B.A. in Political Science. He is set to complete his Masters of Business Administration through UTC this Fall.  Adam likes football, has a problematic addiction to traveling, and enjoys being a part of the Southside’s gentrification.

Nick Macco’s first entreprenerial venture was in elementary school selling his homemade sodas to fellow classmates for one dollar. He sold out. From then on, he was hooked. Next, he pitched ideas to Nike, and by age 18 he began his own company, Neos Multimedia.  While running Neos he earned the Chamber’s Youth Entrepreneur Award in his home town of Green Bay, WI. Neos created a growth campaign for an area church that raised over two million dollars.  Nick’s marketing and design background allowed him to work at Chattanooga’s Herman Walldorf & Company.  He completed a re-brand along with launching a new website for Walldorf prior to starting Southtree.  Nick attended Lee University and is married to his beautiful wife Ashley. They live (and play) on the Southside along with their spoiled dog. Nick enjoys biking, good beer and the idea of soccer.

Please Click the Player below hear this great story of entrepreneur success on John Martin’s Small Business Roundtable.

Please learn more about Southtree and How they can help you convert priceless videos into new digital media.

Thanks for listening – John Martin.

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