Top 3 Sales Improvement Tips for 2012

Small Business owners and sales professionals are seeking ideas to increase sales in 2012.

My guest is Byron Lindsey, a 20 year veteran sales trainer and CEO of Atlanta based Clientquest and we will share 3 KEY Sales improvement ideas for your prospecting, connecting and closing.

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Follow these Sales Improvement Tips and you will see maximum results:

  1. You must pick up the phone and call your prospects. Too many sales people rely on email for prospecting and often say “I emailed him” like they actually accomplished something. I recommend using Social sites like Linked In, Facebook and Google Plus to network and build your warm referral prospecting list. Its good to email your prospects with a a brief referral mention that is limited to two or three short sentences. Most importantly, please know that 75% + of these emails will not get read and you must follow up with multiple phone calls.
  2. You must Connect with the prospect. Customers buy from people they like and initially its important to focus on connecting and don’t talk too much on your product. Use on-line resources like Linked In to learn about your prospect and tell a story or mention something connected to them.
  3. You must get an appointment. Most business is still done face to face, however video conferencing with Skype or other services are also great tools. Always push for a face to face appointment as it will substantially improve your closing ratio. Tell the prospect the times you are available and ask would Tuesday or Thursday at 1PM work better for you and make them pick a date. Don’t ask what time would be good as it gives them a reason to put you off and not book an appointment.
  4. BONUS – Become an effective Closer.Closing is the most critical element of the sales process. Many sales people get this far and waste tremendous time due to ineffective closing techniques. We discuss how to effectively close on this episode so please tune in. Some closing techniques discussed on our show
    • Present your value proposition in a short, simple and easy to understand format.
    • Handle the Top 2 or 3 objections in your presentation
    • Don’t vomit on the customer – Shut up and Listen.

Thanks for listening to John Martin’s Small Business Roundtable – Your Source to learn, grow and succeed.

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