What the heck is going on with the markets, economy and global debt crisis? Podcast Now Available

Entrepreneurs are risk takers and we prefer to be owners of things as opposed to lenders of our capital.  Our community wants to know where to invest in today’s volatile markets – stocks, bonds, commodities, cash or maybe we should invest everything in our business.

Listen to our Special Investment Roundtable with my highly regarded guests; John Wilson – Chief Technical Strategist with Morgan Keegan, Tom Landstreet – Founder of Tell-Tale Capital and Scott Phillips Portfolio Manager at Lauren Templeton Capital Management.

This Podcast is NOW Available by Clicking the Player at the end of this post.

This is a must show for anyone concerned about where to invest and the outlook for our global economy.

If history is any guide we should be getting close to a bottom in equities and a top in commodities, but with the elections coming up and our global debt crisis it could be a good bit longer before we reach a major bottom.  I am a big believer in dollar cost averaging into equities, but it seems that very few folks do it consistently and they let their emotions take over.

John Templeton was famous for investing during times of Maximum Pessimism and Scott Phillips will share his views if we have reached that point.  Tom Landstreet will share his views on the death of the modern social welfare state in Europe and John Wilson will provide market technical insight with his perspective coming from 30+ years in the business.

This is a must show as these three pros share their best ideas for today’s markets.

John S. Wilson, CFA, joined Morgan Keegan in 1987. He is Chief Market Technician for Morgan Keegan, Branch Office Manager of their Chattanooga office and is a member of Morgan Keegan’s Focus List Committee. He has served as Director of the Equity Strategy Group, responsible for guiding financial advisors on market strategy and stock selection.

He appears frequently on the Financial Television networks such as CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business Television and has written for the Wall Street Journal Online and Institutional Investor.  John writes an awesome market report called Reveille that can be found at morgankeegan.com

Tom Landstreet is co-founder of TELL-TALE Capital Corp., a Registered Investment Advisor, that invests in publicly traded equities globally. Tell-Tale analyzes government economic policies and macro economics as part of their research discipline.

Prior to founding Tell-Tale, Tom ran research and produced a popular weekly economic commentary for Laffer Associates, an economic research firm founded by Dr. Arthur Laffer. Tom travels the country speaking to corporate, investment and other groups about the economy, policy and investing.  He is an active writer and you can read his blog at http://thomaslandstreet.com/

Scott Phillips is portfolio manager and head of research at Lauren Templeton Capital Management, LLC. Prior to working with Lauren Templeton Capital Management, LLC, Scott Phillips founded Cumberland Capital Corp, located in Chattanooga, TN.  Founded in June 2004, Cumberland Capital provided equity research services to Green Cay Asset Management, a hedge fund management company located in Nassau, Bahamas.

Scott is the co-author with Lauren Templeton on the book Investing the Templeton Way released in 2008 by McGraw Hill.  Scott is also the author of Buying at the Point of Maximum Pessimism a book on forward looking investment themes released by the FT Press in 2010.  Scott also publishes a quarterly newsletter called ‘The Maximum Pessimism Report” available for free subscription at www.maximumpessimism.com.

Thanks for joining us on John Martin’s Small Business Roundtable – Your Source for Entrepreneur Success.

John H. Martin

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