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Everyone is in SALES with Ryan Sauers
Show Date : Tue Jun 26 2012 At 2:00 PM EST

I hosted a show a few months ago called - Stop Hiding behind email and social media and go sell something. I am a big believer that you still have to get in front of people to build relationships and close business. My guest today is Ryan Sauers, author of the book Everyone is in Sales. Ryan has nearly 20 year's experience in leading multi-million dollar companies in the printing, promotional products and visual communications industries. You will learn how to: Get the right mindset to sell yourself. Communicate effectively. Leverage Social Media. Build relationships and close sales. Everyone is in Sales and this is a must show for all entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals.
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Sarah Robbins - School Teacher turned Entrepreneur
Show Date : Thu May 31 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

Sarah Robbins will share her story of school teacher to multi million dollar direct sales entrepreneur. She will share Why you can't give up and how to stay motivated to succeed.
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John Wilson on the Markets
Show Date : Thu May 24 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

John Wilson of Raymond James Morgan Keegan shares insights on the stock market, economy and investments.
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SBA Award Winner - Famous Five Dining
Show Date : Tue May 22 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

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Crowd Funding with guest Bill Clark of MicroVentures
Show Date : Thu May 17 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

We will dive into current and future opportunities with Crowd Funding. My guest is Bill Clark - CEO of MicroVentures - a crowd funding business working with start-ups and investors.
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Starting A Business - Key Steps to Succeed
Show Date : Thu May 10 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

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The Election - What it means for your money
Show Date : Tue May 08 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

Business owners and investors are nervous about the Presidential election this November. They are sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if Obama gets re-elected. What are the ramifications for the markets? Where should you be investing today? What should you be doing to prepare? We will dive into these key questions and more with my guest Thomas Landstreet - co-founder of Tell-Tale Capital Corp. - a Nashville TN based money manager.
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Funding Your Business with Retirement Plans
Show Date : Thu May 03 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

Funding start-ups and small businesses is one of top challenges for our community, but many of you may not think of retirement plans as a funding option. My guest is Steven Cooper - President of ERSOP - Employee Rollover Stock Ownership Plan. Most all qualified retirement plans, including 401K, profit sharing, ESOP, thrift, 403b and IRAs may be used to fund your own business. Retirement plans can be used to fund existing businesses, start-ups, franchises, business property and investment real estate. Today you will learn the key strategies and how to advice for using retirement plans to fund your business. Please ask your questions on Twitter at #SBRTALK or on Live chat. Thanks for listening, John Martin - Host of SBR
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How to get an Investor to say Yes?
Show Date : Tue May 01 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

Today's show provides key advice for entrepreneurs seeking early stage capital from professional angel investors and venture capital investors These investors are typically very shrewd and there are common characteristics to their deals. We will discuss the primary drivers for making these investors say YES and the most common reasons they say No. My guest is Charlie Paparelli, CEO of Paparelli Ventures - a preformation investment company focused on entrepreneurs in Atlanta, GA.
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JOBS Act, Crowd Funding - How does this benefit you?
Show Date : Thu Apr 26 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

My guest is Sue Malone of Strategies for Small Business and she has been instrumental with the JOBS Act and small business funding.
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JOBS Act - What Entrepreneurs need to know
Show Date : Tue Apr 17 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

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Alison Lebovitz - Changing the World one act at a time
Show Date : Thu Apr 12 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

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Bali Entrepreneur - Made Dimri of Dabumito Restaurant
Show Date : Tue Mar 27 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

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Hong Kong entrepreneur - Emma Thompson of e3 Reloaded
Show Date : Tue Mar 20 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

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John Wilson of Morgan Keegan - Investment Ideas & Market Outlook
Show Date : Tue Mar 13 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

Read More.... - Revolutionary Group Buying Concept
Show Date : Thu Mar 01 2012 At 11:00 AM EST

John Martin interviews Joanne Ooi to learn about their group buying platform and how they seek to change the industry.
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Creating Jobs in America with Entrepreneur CEO David Friend of Carbonite
Show Date : Tue Feb 21 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

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Getting Your Book Published with Neil White
Show Date : Thu Feb 16 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

Getting a book published is much easier these days, but it has become a confusing process and entrepreneurs need good advice. The key question you need to be asking is Why are you writing this book? My guest is Neil White, author of the bestselling book In the Santuary of Outcasts. Neil brings a unique perspective as an entrepreneur owner of Nautilus Publishing Co. and his book has been published by Harper Collins - one of the elite publishers. You will learn key advice on: Evaluating if you should write a book How to get your book published What are your publishing options How to make money on the book. Anyone considering writing a book should not miss this show. Ask us questions on our show line at 213-559-8022 or on Twitter at #SBRTALK.
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Merchant Processing for Small Business | Taking the Mystery Out
Show Date : Tue Feb 14 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

Many Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs are confused over the many options for credit card processing. We will visit with Kevin Parlin of Power Pay and learn 5 ideas for taking the Mystery out of Merchant processing. You don't want to miss this show.
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Top 5 On-Line Resources to Grow Your Business with Starr Hall
Show Date : Thu Feb 09 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

Starr and I will discuss new ideas / website resources to market and grow your business in 2012.
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How to Buy & Sell Real Estate in Destin FL - Top Tips from a Pro
Show Date : Tue Feb 07 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

Many real estate investors are looking at opportunities in Destin, FL & Hwy 30-A. I sit down with a Pro, Clayton Bonjean that have carved out a niche in finding big values, creating income and selling.
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How to get Free Office Space | This Entrepreneur has the Secret
Show Date : Tue Jan 31 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

John Martin visits with Entrepreneur Ryan Evans sharing his idea on how entrepreneurs can get free office space and leverage their social network at the same time.
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Top 3 Solutions to find affordable Small Business Health Insurance
Show Date : Thu Jan 26 2012 At 5:00 PM EST

Many small business owners including myself have found it extremely challenging to acquire health insurance. We will discuss solutions with my expert guests from Windsor Insurance.
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Top 3 Sales Improvement Tips for 2012
Show Date : Sat Jan 21 2012 At 1:00 PM EST

We will discuss 3 Top Ideas to improve your prospecting, connecting and closing in 2012 with Byron Lindsey. Don't miss it.
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Danny Conwill - Building A Global Investment Bank
Show Date : Thu Nov 03 2011 At 5:00 PM EST

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Danny Conwill - Building A Global Investment Bank
Show Date : Thu Oct 27 2011 At 3:00 PM EST

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Taylor McDonald of Second Site & The Future of Augmented Reality
Show Date : Thu Oct 13 2011 At 6:00 PM EST

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Cliff Ravenscraft of The Podcast Answerman & GSPN
Show Date : Thu Oct 13 2011 At 5:00 PM EST

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Andy Perez of Audience Point
Show Date : Thu Sep 29 2011 At 5:00 PM EST

High Tech Entrepreneur Andy Perez will share his entrepreneur story, the Why he is starting Audience Point and advice on raising early stage capital.
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Technology Venture Investor - Charlie Paparelli, Founder of Paparelli Ventures
Show Date : Thu Sep 15 2011 At 5:30 PM EST

Charlie Paparelli loves entrepreneurs and he is a quite an entrepreneur himself that devotes much of his time investing and mentoring. Charlie was a founder in several successful technology start ups and he will share key advice on raising capital and also figuring out if entrepreneurship is for you.
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Tom Landstreet of Tell-Tale Advisors
Show Date : Thu Sep 08 2011 At 1:30 PM EST

Tom Landstreet is back on SBR and will be in our Chattanooga Studio at the Camp House - 1427 Williams St. Tom will be sharing his thoughts on the markets, economy, up-coming elections, European debt crisis, unemployment situation and more.
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Let's Get Foodie & Redemption Shirts
Show Date : Thu Sep 08 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

I am excited to visit with two Chattanooga based start-ups, Let’s Get Foodie and Redemption Shirts. Let’s Get Foodie was recently founded by Matt Baxter, Holly Klassen & Chanté D. Newcomb, all having a passion for food and recognizing an opportunity for a high quality restaurant review site covering Chattanooga, TN.
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How do Small Businesses become Suppliers for Large Corporations? Fortune 500 Companies have joined Forces launching the Supplier Connection.
Show Date : Thu Sep 01 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Several U.S. based Blue Chip companies such as IBM, Dell, AT&T and others have joined forces to form the Supplier Connection. Supplier Connection is a program designed to steer more large supply chain business to smaller companies promoting economic growth and creating jobs. You will learn the key points of this program, qualifications and how to apply.
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Small Business Telecom & Connectivity with Ronnie Bice CEO of TeleSource LIVE from Channel Partners Expo in Chicago
Show Date : Thu Aug 25 2011 At 2:00 PM EST

Small Business are seeking ways to save money on telecom and connectivity costs, but need robust systems to compete in the global economy. My guest is Ronnie Bice, Founder & CEO of TeleSource - a leading small business telecom /connectivity solution provider.
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Start-up Spotlight - ReTickr
Show Date : Thu Aug 18 2011 At 1:30 PM EST

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Whiteboard and Castaneed
Show Date : Thu Aug 18 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

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Internet Marketing Advice for Small Business with Kevin West of Full Media
Show Date : Thu Aug 11 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

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Alan Levy - Founder of BlogTalkRadio on SBR
Show Date : Tue Aug 09 2011 At 5:00 PM EST

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How to get Big Company PR Exposure on a Small Company Budget with Ryan Evans of Bite Size PR
Show Date : Thu Aug 04 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

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John Wilson - Chief Strategist for Morgan Keegan
Show Date : Thu Jul 28 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

John Wilson - Chief Market Strategist for Morgan Keegan will share his views on where the markets are heading and what entrepreneurs should be doing with their money.
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Tom West of Intermark shares entrepreneur story in the language translation business
Show Date : Thu Jul 21 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Tom West started one of the first translation companies back in the early 1990's and was named one of the top start-up business ideas by Entrepreneur Magazine. He will share his story and vision for the legal language translation business.
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Mobile Marketing for Small Business with Navin Ganeshan, Network Solutions Chief Product Strategist
Show Date : Thu Jul 14 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Mobile Media Marketing a huge small business trend that we have discussed frequently on SBR. My guest is Navin Ganeshan, Chief Product Strategist for Network Solutions and a recognized expert on mobile media marketing.
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Sheldon Grizzle of The Company Lab and Jack Studer of Lampost discuss Co. Starters
Show Date : Thu Jul 07 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

My guests will be Sheldon Grizzle and Jack Studer and we will learn about their new venture - Co. Starters. Co. Starters is a new Chattanooga based accelerator that includes mentors, space, technology, funding and much more. They are taking a limited number of companies in this program and the application deadline is approaching - so please tune in or if you live in Chattanooga come be a part of our studio audience at the camp house.
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Guy Kawasaki shares the importance of Enchantment on SBR
Show Date : Thu Jun 30 2011 At 5:00 PM EST

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Social Media Guru Starr Hall shares Best Ideas for Success
Show Date : Thu Jun 23 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

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Nathan Holritz - Founder of Photographer's Edit
Show Date : Thu Jun 16 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

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John Wilson Chief Market Strategist - Morgan Keegan & Co.
Show Date : Thu Jun 09 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

John Wilson - Chief Technical Strategist and Chattanooga Branch Manager for Morgan Keegan & Co. is my guest on SBR. John will share his outlook for the financial markets and provide insight for entrepreneurs and small / medium business owners.
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Kris Nordholz CEO of Full Media - Internet Marketing for Entrepreneurs
Show Date : Thu Jun 02 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Kris is my guest on SBR sharing his best ideas for building a web presence and Internet Marketing for Entrepreneurs. Kris is the CEO of Full Media, a web design, web development and internet marketing company focused on helping organizations of all sizes and from all industries grow through a more effective use of the Internet. Kris brings vast experience rarely seen in the field of internet marketing. Prior to spending the last 8 years as an executive in the web development and Internet marketing industry, Kris spent the early part of his career in venture capital, investment banking and private sector operations. With his background in corporate finance, operations, marketing and project management, Kris has helped create a culture focused on consistently delivering the highest quality products and services and an exceptional client experience for an affordable price to all Full Media clients. Full Media now employs 14 professionals with expertise in web design, web based programming, search engine marketing and social media marketing in two offices, one in Gainesville, GA and one in Chattanooga, TN. Kris lives with his wife and two children in Gainesville, GA. He is an active member of Lakewood Baptist Church in Gainesville and serves on the board of the Boys & Girls Club of Hall County, the North Georgia Community Foundation and the Northeast George Medical Center Advisory Board. He received his BBA in Finance and his MBA in marketing from the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business.
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Interview with Bruce Harrison owner of the Family Forest
Show Date : Wed Jun 01 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

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Flight Hub with guest Richard Hardin
Show Date : Thu May 26 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

SBR interviews 48 Hour Launch Start- Up winner - Flight Hub and CEO Richard Hardin.
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SBA Small Business Winner Shares Success Tips
Show Date : Thu May 19 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

As part of National Small Business Week, SBR interviews Michael Hamilton Tennessee Small Business Person of the Year and SBA Regional Administrator Cassius Butts. We will learn key success factors that lead to winning the award and key SBA initiatives for Small Businesses.
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Small Business Week - John Martin's Best Tips for Small Business Success
Show Date : Tue May 17 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

This week is Small Business Week and many entrepreneurs are looking to learn key advice on growing their business, raising capital, hiring, scaling and more. John Martin will share best practices and take your questions.
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Dave Parker's Best Ideas for Entrepreneurs
Show Date : Tue May 10 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

I caught up with Seattle serial entrepreneur and angel investor Dave Parker. Dave provides great advice for early stage funding, building teams, pivoting and most importantly mistakes to avoid.
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Interview with U.S. SBA District Director Walter Perry
Show Date : Tue May 10 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

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Entrepreneur Bill Hiller discusses revolutionary cancer detection technology
Show Date : Thu May 05 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Atlanta entrepreneur Bill Hiller has experienced great success in technology start-ups and we will hear about his latest venture with Hygieia Sciences. Hygieia has developed and tested a technology that detects cancer from simply blowing in a tube and this proceedure costs 80% less than other detection procedures. Bill will tell us about this technology and other key learning lessons from his 20+ years as a successful entrepreneur.
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Stephen Culp - Co-Founder of Smart Furniture and Delegator
Show Date : Tue May 03 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

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Technology Transfer Conference
Show Date : Fri Apr 29 2011 At 8:30 AM EST

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How to Structure Ownership and Vesting Schedules with Guest Tim Ferraris
Show Date : Thu Apr 28 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

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The New Media Age- Entrepreneur Barry Large shares his vision for
Show Date : Thu Apr 21 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

I am excited to have Access America Co-Founder Barry Large on SBR to share Key Success advice and mistakes to avoid. We had a great show a few months ago with Access Co-Founder Ted Alling and learned some key success factors for how they built Access from start-up and scaled to a $100 million a year transportation business - all without owning a single truck. Our show will focus on Barry's latest venture - Barry has a lifelong passion for the news media business and along with several partners recently launched Nooga is an on-line media site covering business, politics, entertainment and other news for Chattanooga, TN. We will learn how Barry came up with the idea to start Nooga and key learnings from Access that will play a big role in developing Nooga. Barry will share some great ideas for starting a new media business and we will dive into the impacts of social media and the traditional media business. Please call our show line at 213-559-8022 with your questions.
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Entrepreneur Spotlight - Southtree
Show Date : Tue Apr 19 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Entrepreneurs Adam Boeselager and Nick Macco did what all entrepreneurs should do. They recognized a customer need and developed a business to solve that problem. Adam and Nick were approached by family members and friends to convert older VHS home movies to DVDs. They saw a business opportunity and launched the company in 2001. Today they are serving customers located all over the world converting thousands of home videos and slides every week. We will learn KEY Success Factors for how Adam and Nick have gotten this far and their future vision for Southtree. This show is a must for any entrepreneur looking for KEY success advice.
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Marketing On-Line Workshop
Show Date : Thu Apr 14 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Today we are talking about how to market your business on-line and a new web training resource that teaches you the key tools. Our guests today are George Curtis and Evan Mugford of Marketing On-Line Workshop. Evan and George have years of experience helping companies build an effective web presence and highly successful organic search listings, SEO, Google Ad-words, Facebook, Twitter and other web marketing platforms. We will find out why they decided to put all their knowledge on-line and is this service intended for small business owners? This show is a must for anymore looking to get found on-line and most importantly those that want to use the web to drive sales. Thanks for tuning into John Martin's Small Business Roundtable.
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Vic Gatto of Solidus on KEY Advice for Raising Early Stage Venture Capital
Show Date : Tue Apr 12 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Our guest is Vic Gatto, Managing Director of Solidus Company - an seed stage / early round private equity firm based in Nashville, TN. Vic will share best practices for raising early round capital and what you need to do to be prepared for a meeting with a professional venture investor. He will also share the things you need to avoid doing in the fund raising process. He will also tell us what key things you must communicate to get a 2nd meeting with a venture capital firm. Vic has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and will share his best ideas for success and mistakes to avoid. Solidus manages four venture capital funds that have outperformed the S&P 500 by 800 basis points annually for the last 10 years. Solidus pursues investment opportunities in three primary industries: Healthcare Services, Applied Technology and Information Services / Media.
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Interview with Jonathan Bragdon of TriCycle Inc.
Show Date : Thu Apr 07 2011 At 12:00 AM EST

Jonathan Bragdon is the founder and CEO of TriCycle, a Chattanooga TN based company that has revolutionized the carpet sample process creating great efficiencies and drastic cost reductions for carpet manufactures. We will learn How they Did it, Key Success Tips and most importantly mistakes to avoid.
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Interview with Andrew Warner of Mixergy
Show Date : Tue Apr 05 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Our guest is Andrew Warner of - home of the ambitious start-up. Andrew is an entrepreneur that built and sold a successful on-line greeting card business and has spent the last few years interviewing hundreds of successful entrepreneurs on We will learn Andrew's best ideas for success and mistakes to avoid.
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Interview with Telecom Entrepreneur Clark Peterson of Telesphere
Show Date : Fri Apr 01 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Our guest is Clark Peterson, the CEO of Telesphere - one of the largest cloud based VOIP telecom companies in the U.S. Clark will share best practices for a telecom entrepreneur in today's fast paced world of connectivity.
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Selling Your Business - Dewey Hammond & Andy Stockett of Four Bridges Capital
Show Date : Thu Mar 31 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Our show today is about Selling Your Business. We will discuss the process of selling a business, valuations, advisors and why business owners should prepare for the possibility of selling. Our guests are Dewey Hammond and Andy Stockett of Four Bridges Capital Advisors - a middle market investment bank based in Chattanooga, TN.
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Twitter Summarized! Radhika Subramanian of Gabacus will tell us how they are making Twitter relevant.
Show Date : Tue Mar 29 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Do you find that many tweets are totally irrelevant and it would be great to have topics summarized to whats really important. Our guest today is Radhika Subramanian CEO of Gabacus - a new web service that summarizes Tweets. Radhika is a successful entrepreneur and will share some great ideas and mistakes to avoid. I have found a lot of tweets are not relevant and would like to get the most important information. Gabacus is making Twitter more relevant and we look forward to hearing Radhika's vision for the company.
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KEY Advice for Starting a Restaurant Franchise
Show Date : Fri Mar 25 2011 At 10:00 AM EST

Jay Medley moved to Atlanta, GA 9 months ago to start the first of several Newk's Restaurants and he will share some best practices and lessons learned for new franchise owners. Newk's is a franchise that is growing fast in the Southeastern U.S., whose owners previously started McAllisters Deli and have a great track record of success. Newk's is an express casual dining experience offering fresh tossed salads, sandwiches, pizzas, soups and cakes that are all made from scratch. I have eaten in several of their restaurants and can attest that they are fabulous, very affordable and the food quality is very high. Jay has secured a great location and we look forward to learning some key tips for franchise owners. This is part 1 of a series documenting the phases of growth within a restaurant franchise business.
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Telecom and Connectivity Trends for Small Business
Show Date : Thu Mar 24 2011 At 2:00 PM EST

We will discuss the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile and what this means for small business owners. Our world of connectivity and on-line media is playing a critical role with small business owners and we will dive into where these markets are heading and what you need to be doing to stay connected, secure and informed.
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Interview with David Morris CEO of Habitat International
Show Date : Tue Mar 22 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Please tune in this Tuesday for my interview with David Morris - CEO of Habitat International. David is a unique Entrepreneur that took a chance hiring disabled workers and it has worked out remarkably well for his company. David sees the disabled as ABLE workers and the book ABLE was published to tell this remarkable story. Habitat International (not affiliated with Habitat for Humanity) has received tons of global press for creating a company of positive distractions. David tells us why this has worked and his best ideas for entrepreneurs.
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Entrepreneur Spotlight - John Spivey of BHS - Air this afternoon Video and Audio
Show Date : Thu Mar 17 2011 At 3:00 PM EST

John Spivey, Founder and CEO of Bladder Health Network is our guest today. John has been an entrepreneur from day one and he will share keys to success, but more importantly he will discuss the biggest mistakes. John has started several Internet and Health Care related companies and he has raised many rounds of venture capital. He will share best practices for raising capital, building the right team and executing a successful business plan.
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Best Ideas for Entrepreneur Success with John Martin
Show Date : Tue Mar 15 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Sean Phipps interviews our Host John Martin to learn his best ideas for Entrepreneur Success. John has been working with early stage companies since the early 1990's and he has interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs learning how they did it and also their biggest mistakes. You will hear John's story and learn his best ideas. John has many years experience with angel funding, venture capital and publicly traded securities. We will dive into how companies should best approach the fund raising process. This is a must show for entrepreneurs seeking the best ideas on how to raise capital and options for all stages of the process.
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Charlie Brock and Jack Studer of the Chattanooga Renaissance Fund
Show Date : Tue Mar 08 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Chattanooga, TN has a long history of breeding successful entrepreneurs and the Chattanooga Renaissance Fund (CRF) has been launched to regenerate wealth, promote entrepreneurship and foster innovation. Our guests are two of CRF's General Partners, Charlie Brock and Jack Studer, who will share their entrepreneur stories and vision for CRF. Charlie and Jack will share their secrets to success and mistakes to avoid. They will also tell us the type's of companies they are targeting for investment and the value they bring to portfolio companies. Any companies seeking Angel funding will not want to miss this episode. Charlie Brock is a Director of FourBridges Capital Advisors, a middle-market investment bank based in Chattanooga. He also serves as a director and organizer of CapitalMark Bank & Trust. Previously, he held marketing and sales positions with Brock Candy Company and its successor, Brach & Brock Confections. In 1998, he helped start Foxmark Media, growing it into one of the nation’s leading mall advertising companies. As the company’s CEO and largest shareholder, he structured two rounds of private financing before selling the company in 2006 to Australian based EYE Corp, one of the world’s leading out-of-home media companies. Jack Studer attended Princeton where he studied Operations Research and Financial Engineering. He then worked for Credit Suisse in their Investment Banking Division, working primarily on M&A and IPO transactions for clients such as Google, Omniture, Blackstone, Oracle, HP and many others. He then co-founded DraftSpace, a document security SaaS company in London which was later sold to the Copal Group. He has continued to work with startups in various capacities, eventually founding his own Venture Capital firm, RainClif, which he currently runs.
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Start-Up Spotlight - Diner Connection President Shawna Simpson
Show Date : Thu Mar 03 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

SBR profiles Entrepreneur Shawna Simpson to learn about Diner Connection, a mobile media service providing restaurants with the ability to communicate with patrons while they are waiting. Shawna will share her story and how they plan to bring great efficiencies to the restaurant wait management process. I can see many business model around this mobile media opportunity. Your Host, John Martin
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Start Up Spotlight - Ben Wagner of LifeKraze
Show Date : Tue Mar 01 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

SBR sits down with Ben Wagner Co-Founder and CEO of LifeKraze - a social networking site that awards users for accomplishments. LifeKraze's users are competitive and looking to win Kraze Points to beat their friends and an additional driver is points can be redeemed with loyalty rewards partners. We will discuss their business model, how they managed to raise over $1 million in angel funding in today's climate and growth plans to take LifeKraze global. LifeKraze in currently in Beta, but goes live around March 2 and they will be exhibiting at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, TX. Please visit their beta site to join the LifeKraze - I look forward to a great interview hearing Ben's story and his passion with LifeKraze.
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Entrepreneur Spotlight - Ted Alling of Access America Transport
Show Date : Fri Feb 25 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

Ted Alling is the CEO and Co-Founder of Access America Transport, a full service transportation company H.Q. in Chattanooga TN. We will learn how Ted and his partners started this company and he will share Key Success attributes. We will learn that their businesses is heavily focused on technology and how they have used technology to be an innovative leader in their industry.Ted and his partners built this enterprise from from from zero to a $100 million a year business. Access has been on the Inc. Magazine list of fastest growing companies in America, but Ted has not slowed down a bit and is actively involved in starting several new ventures, including Lampost, a start-up incubator operation providing funding, technology enablement, facilities, mentoring and much more. Ted Alling is a True Entrepreneur and a very humble guy and we look forward to hearing his story on SBR.
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Entrepreneur Spotlight - John Warren Founder of Lima One Capital
Show Date : Wed Feb 23 2011 At 2:00 PM EST

Captain John Warren is our guest where we be learning his key success attributes for being an entrepreneur and we will also dive into his experience as a Marine deployed in the most dangerous city in the world. John is currently running a $6 million start-up private investment company, Lima One Capital that is carving out a niche lending to seasoned real estate investors looking to purchased distressed real estate in a timely and efficient manner. He has experienced great success in the Atlanta market, where the residential market has a large supply of distressed properties and his plans call for expanding the model nationwide. John Warren is a native of Greenville, South Carolina and a graduate of Washington and Lee University, where he was a Marshall Scholar.  After graduation, he entered the corporate world with Michelin North America. There he accepted a fast-track management position and soon headed up sales for GA, AL, and Eastern TN. In October of 2004, he joined the United States Marine Corps and was commissioned a second lieutenant, volunteering to serve as an infantry officer.  In September 2005, he was given command of 1st Platoon, Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines.  In March 2006, Warren and his forty-two Marines deployed with 3/8 to Ramadi, Iraq, the Sunni capital, known as the “most dangerous city in the world” and a “graveyard to Marines.”  For seven months he and his Marines conducted combat operations and developed unique counterinsurgency operations to defeat Al Qaeda in Ramadi and win over a large portion of Iraqi support.  While deployed in Ramadi, 1st Platoon was awarded 14 purple hearts, and Warren was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for valor in combat for “heroic achievement” as he “led a counter attack against insurgents attacking Observation Post Virginia.”  At the end of the seven-month deployment, Lima Company had captured or killed almost all of the leadership within the Ramadi Al Qaeda cell and reduced insurgent attacks by 80 percent.  Shortly after his return from Ramadi, Iraq, Warren was promoted and participated in his second deployment in the Middle East with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit.  After leaving the Marine Corps in June 2008, he married Courtney Prehmus and founded his own investment company, Lima One Capital LLC.  He currently manages its $6M investment fund focused on private, equity-based lending. He also regularly speaks on counterinsurgency operations and leadership. He is a member of Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta and involved in High Tech Ministries.
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How to Create A Successful Home Based Businesses with Guest Rhea Perry
Show Date : Tue Feb 22 2011 At 3:00 PM EST

Rhea Perry is our guest teaching us how to create a successful home based business. Rhea educated 7 children from home, while she also managed several highly successful Internet based businesses. Rhea will be sharing her secrets to success and mistakes to avoid. This show is a must for anyone thinking of starting a home business or looking to learn new strategies for your existing home business. Rhea will be also discussing her upcoming Home Business Conference in Destin FL, where she will be giving away a $10,000 cash prize to the winning business plan. Rhea has a great story and she is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed so please tune in!
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Surefire Ways to Make Money on eBay with Expert Lisa Suttora
Show Date : Thu Feb 17 2011 At 2:00 PM EST

eBay guru Lisa Suttora is our guest on SBR providing her latest tips on how to launch a successful business on eBay.
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Sheldon Grizzle TV Interview - Idea to Business
Show Date : Mon Feb 14 2011 At 12:00 PM EST

I sat down with Sheldon Grizzle, Air Traffic Controller at the Company Lab based in Chattanooga to hear what's going on in the local start-up scene. The Company Lab is a resource center for entrepreneurs - Sheldon shared some great success attributes and mistakes to avoid. Sheldon mentioned a few start-ups that he is particularly excited about including, a social media site that rewards users for posting their activities. This is our first in a series of micro video interviews with entrepreneurs and small business experts.
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The Mobile Media Revolution
Show Date : Thu Feb 10 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

SBR interviews entrepreneur Bill Rowland to hear about his latest venture with iZigg in the mobile media revolution. Bill founded one of the worlds largest direct marketing companies and he will share his secrets to success and insight into his next big money making opportunity with iZigg.
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How to Succeed in the Restaurant Business - Interview with Lenny Shou of Noodle
Show Date : Tue Feb 08 2011 At 8:00 PM EST

SBR profiles Lenny Shou, owner of Noodle Restaurants in Atlanta, GA to learn key success tips. The Shou family started their first restaurant over 10 years ago and today have several locations throughout Atlanta. We will learn Lenny's key success factors and also mistakes to avoid. This show is a must for anyone thinking of starting a restaurant or anyone in the business.
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Running A Newspaper Business in a Digital Age - Interview with Wyatt Emmerich
Show Date : Thu Feb 03 2011 At 1:00 PM EST

SBR profiles Wyatt Emmerich, Publisher of the Northside Sun in Jackson MS and President of Emmerich Newspapers, owner of 25 newspapers in smaller markets. We will learn his success strategies and challenges managing a traditional media businesses in a digital world. Wyatt will provide advice for today's small business owner and his insight to advertising trends.
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Emerge Memphis - Accelerating and Empowering Entrepreneurs
Show Date : Wed Feb 02 2011 At 12:00 PM EST

SBR interviews Gwin Scott, President of Emerge Memphis to learn best practices for entrepreneurs and the Incubator model. Emerge Memphis is a general business and technology incubator for companies in the mid-south region. We will explore funding, mentoring, business planning and other key factors for start-up success.
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Company Profile - Start Up to Success - Matthews Brothers Marine Inc.
Show Date : Wed Jan 26 2011 At 7:00 PM EST

SBR profiles marine services firm Matthews Brothers Marine and its Co-Founder Tom Matthews to discover how they got started and the key factors contributing to their success. Matthews Marine is a true small business success story that has become one of the fastest growing marine service companies in the nation. This show is a must for any small business owner or entrepreneur to gain valuable insight to best practices for growth and profitability in today's challenging economy.
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