Changing the World One act at a Time

My guest is Alison Lebovitz author, television host, speaker and non-profit executive with a passion for philanthropy. Listen below: Read more »

My Advice for Entrepreneurs

Listen below for John Martin’s best advice for entrepreneurs. John provides a quick summary of the key things you need to do to stay in the right mindset and succeed. Read more »

What we learned in China

We just finished our roadshow to China and Indonesia. Listen Here to hear a summary of our key learnings from this trip.   Read more »

Bali Entrepreneur shares key advice for starting a business

SBR is broadcasting from Bali, Indonesia as we visit with Made Dimri – owner of Dabumito restaurant.

Listen Here:  Read more »

Entrepreneur learning from Bali Indonesia

We are in Bali Indonesia for an amazing culture experience.  Today is New Years day where everyone must stay at home, remain silent and no lights are allowed.   Read more »

Interviewing Entrepreneurs in Asia

SBR is broadcasting from Hong Kong and Indonesia over the next two weeks interviewing Asia’s top entrepreneurs.  Read more » – Turning the Jewelry World Upside Down

The jewelry business is a perfect target for disruptive technologies with mark-ups of 5 to 30 times. My guest is Hong Kong entrepreneur, Joanne Ooi CEO of Below: Read more »

How to Play a Bull Market

The U.S. equity markets are up 100% over the last 3 years and many folks are wondering if they should be taking money off the table or are we in the early stages bull market. Listen BELOW: Read more »

John Martin’s Top 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs

I have interviewed over 100 global entrepreneurs and have been an entrepreneur my entire life.  Today, I wanted to share my Top 3 Success Tips. Read more »

SBR Radio off Air Tuesday

SBR Radio will be off air Tuesday March 6 and will resume Thursday March 8th.  I am attending my great aunt Celia Emmerich’s funeral in Jackson, MS. Read more »

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